VHO-Osthold-Spange PERFECT

sa-spange perfect

VHO Osthold PERFECT spanger er til medisink hjelp ved hjelp til inngrodde tånegler, eller for deformerte negler ved diabetes for å unngå operasjon. Eller for de med psoriasis, fortykket negl eller negleseng eller andre tilstander/sykdommer.

Laget av metall.

Lengde Mezzo 7,5 mm

Lengde Mini 7,5 mm

Lengde Midi 10 mm

Lengde Maxi 10 mm

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sa-spange perfect

The VHO Osthold PERFECT brace is medically indicated for the following nail changes: - Ingrown toenails (unguis incarnatus), - Deformed nails in diabetics to avoid an operation - Hangnails and ingrowing nails - With growth disorders of nails e.g. as a result of - Psoriasis - chronic polyarthritis - Onychogryposis (increased thickening and curvature of the nail) with thickening of the nail bed - Deformed nail growth following traumatic loss of a nail or due to genetic disposition - Onychomycosis (fungal infection of the nail) with thickening of the nail plate and uneven nail edges - Inflammation in the nail fold or bed (paronychia) - Corns in the nail fold The VHO Osthold PERFECT brace principle In contrast to other brace techniques, the success of the VHO Osthold brace rests on the interaction of lever and traction. This is the only way the enormous retraction force of the nail can be overcome. It can amount to 10 kg in an adult. While previous braces only use the elastic retraction force of a bent spring steel wire, which tries to take on its original shape again, the power of the VHO Osthold PERFECT brace comes from the use of the middle loop and the way it shortens the length of the brace. Shortening the length has the effect of changing the shape of the nail, lifting the edges of the nail from the wound area. That means immediate relief of pain and an improved anti-inflammatory, antifungal and anti-bacterial effect. When using the VHO Osthold method, treatment of even severely inflamed and purulent nail surroundings is almost pain free. Braces are available: - in 3 braces sizes – mini, midi, maxi – and a micro-brace for extremely small nails (e.g. children) - in 9 loop sizes (2-10 mm) - in wire strengths 0.3, 0.4, and 0.5 mm - with loops in strengths 0.3 mm for weaker nails and for pre-tensioning and 0.4 mm for stronger nails and follow-up tensioning.